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Museveni rejected in Acholi as voters demand Bobi Wine concert

Voters in Acholi sub region has blasted president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni over what they termed as poor governance and lack of rule of law.

Museveni was in Acholi sub region for Thanksgiving ceremony of the Omoro district Woman member of parliament, Catherine Lamwaka

“Acholi sub-region and Northern Uganda generally is making great strides in terms of development especially after we restored peace and stability. We defeated the LRA rebels and ended cattle rustling by the Karimojong,” Museveni said on his official Facebook page.

“Resultantly, we now see the government building good roads, schools and health facilities across the country. The biggest gain has been restoring democracy. The NRM has guaranteed that leaders are chosen through fair and transparent electoral processes,” he added.

His Facebook page has however, attracted angry reactions from his followers mainly from Acholi subregion.

“People can’t afford lunch and supper and your launching internet in their home land,” an angry follower reacted to Museveni.

“Mr President you are the only person now who is allowed to talk to people, but others you claim they are inciting violence, please balance the boat,” another person who claims to be Omoro voter told Museveni.

Tony Okello Okello said: “Campaigning on tax payers dime! Please separate National functions from partisan politics. Public order management act favours only you. Did you get clearances from police Mr. dictator the problem is you fear competition shame on you.

As this was not enough, another person commented: For the love of our country and as you always say you brought democracy in Uganda you need to allow oppositions too to have free movements in Uganda as you do Mr President.
Let them also do there part to preach wat they think is not going on right then you can come in and prove them that they are wrong that’s how democracy is needed to be practised and besides opposition is also important in the country please president this acts of stopping oppositions from holding rallies is ruining your reputation.

Several followers urged the president to lift concert ban on Kyadondo East member of parliament Robert Kyagulanyi.

On reading the negative comments, Museveni said he would return to region during his ongoing country tour to address the concerns raised.

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