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Info256 Website Statistics

  • We Receive around 100,000 monthly unique visitors
  • We receive over  400,000 monthly page views.
  • 10,000 RSS/email subscribers are currently subscribed to our page
  • As of latest we are Ranked among the Top 100 blogs in Uganda By Alexa Ranking
  • We proud to say that we are ranked among the Top 100 marketing blogs in Uganda.
  • Over 1000 Downloads of apps on Google play store

Audience Profile

  • Virtually all our readers come from Facebook and twitter.
  • Most of them spend money online regularly (e.g., purchasing web hosting, eBooks, online services and so on).
  • 50% of our readers  are women willing to spend money for beauty stuff.
  • 90% of our readers have smart phones and aged between 18-40.


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