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Anite maiden speech that left members of parliament and ministers in shock

State minister for investment and privatization Hon Evelyn Anite has expressed her full support for the proposal for merging of ministries and reducing parliament sending shock to her fellow members of parliament.

Last week members of the civil society group under their umbrella body Civil Society Budget Advocacy Group suggested that parliament should be reduced to 100 members of parliament instead of the current over 467 members of parliament.

Anite who just returned for studies from US was speaking to Kfm. Anite who is also the Koboko municipality member of parliament said she does not see any problem with reducing the size of parliament suggesting that the number be cut so that each of the 135 districts has only 2 representatives in the parliament who are male and female.

She also said that the president in the next phase is expected to merge ministries saying that he already started on it citing her very example where she was given an office earlier occupied by 2 ministers.

Anite sentiment was however, not recieved very well by sections of members of parliament who see the new move as kicking them out of the employment.

Some ministers have opposed the proposal citing service delivery as the reason government is comprised of large parliament and several ministers.

Other members of parliament also fears that their positions be rendered redundant if the the new proposal comes into effect.

Anite became member of parliament in 2011 after being elected youth member of parliament representing Northern Uganda

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  1. I agree with Anite coz 367 members have done nothing at all 🙋,i reali like that idea

  2. I fo agree with her

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