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Bebe Cool had rare meeting with Amin’s family

Uganda leading musician Moses Sali commonly known by his stage name Bebe Cool has met the family of the former president Field Martial Idi Amin Dada. According to Amin’s son Hussein Lumumba Amin, they met the controversial Uganda music artist on Wednesday evening as they were heading for dinner with family.
“Heading out for dinner with our daughter Maria and my young brother Mao Amin, when we came across musician BebeCool Big Size”, said Lumumba.

Bebe Cool was in the news for wrong reason this week after coming out to support controversial social media and mobile money taxes which had got condemnation of every Ugandans.
Lumumba stated that he surprised to learn that Bebe Cool still remember him by names despite last meeting on radio station 15 years ago adding that  they agreed to keep their discussions out of politics in order to  respect each other political views since they are of divergent political views.

“For the record, we spared each other our divergent views on the new Social media tax,”

added Lumumba.
Despite most of Amin’s children being NRM supporters, Lumumba is known to be critical of the regime of Yoweri Museveni.

Bebe Cool who this week blasted fellow artists especially Kyadondo East Hon Bobi Wine for protesting against the new taxes later said he stand by statement. He said people like Kyagulanyi made a lot of money music but they didn’t pay tax. Speaking on the meeting with Amin family Bebe Cool said he is man of people who meets a lot of people irrespective of their social status, political views, religious beliefs or gender adding that he doesn’t discriminate against any one. He called on Ugandans to learn to accommodate others whom they agree with either politically or socially saying that we are all one people.

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