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Behind the scene: How split within security forces piled pressure on Museveni

Celebration all-over Uganda and out side Uganda after court granted bail to Kyadondo East legislator Kyagulanyi Robert Ssentamu, a pop music star commonly known by his stage name Bobi Wine who recently confirmed to contest with President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni in 2021.

Mr. Museveni led government could not hold pressure from donors as demonstrations had been aligned to take place in countries including Kenya, US, UK, Germany, Canada, South Africa among others to demand for the immediate release of Mr. Bobi Wine as well as calls for president Museveni’s exit.

Kenya’s Bobi Wine friend and Embakasi East member of parliament and the entire team had exerted maximum pressure to Mr. Museveni requesting an immediate order to release Bobi Wine.

In USA People Power supporters had threatened to demonstrate on Friday. These all mounted pressure to Mr. Museveni led NRM government which has ruled Uganda since 1986 in a military take over.

However, reports came up from his political critics saying he was planning to make his son Gen. Muhoozi Keinerugaba succeed him in 2026, that is if he (Museveni) wins 2021 Presidential race.

The other reason why Museveni has released Bobi Wine is that the betrayal of security organs, when Mr. Museveni ordered a house arrest to Bobi Wine, among the security organs at Bobi Wine’s Magere home were those individuals working behind Museveni’s back which was discovered and now is set to make new arrangements to deal with the Kyagulanyi effect to protect his seat as much as possible.

Divisions in the army may be a new challenge to Mr. Museveni’s government over Bobi Wine’s issue although when President Museveni military generals meant this week at CPS Kampala a detailed understanding was reached to prevent Bobi Wine protests early this week, some opposed the arrest of Kyadondo East MP Hon. Kyagulanyi arguing that it is not necessary at this particular time.

The other reason was the cost of deploying large forms of military men across Kampala and various areas, currently every police station is filled up with large volumes of Local Defence Units, Military Police , Police and other security operatives. This has created a big impact on the economical side and maintenance of these soldiers.

According to Uganda Young Democrats Ag Sectary General Robert Mugambwa , President Museveni is a bush war general who can not just give in like this.

Bobi Wine and his People Power Movement have defeated him on this but intelligence shows that the general is cooking a fresh conspiracy to destroy People Power Movement which movement has checked his power than any other organisation since 1986 added Mr Robert who doubles as a Nec Member of DP.

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