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Besigye explains why Kayihura escapes from Uganda was foiled

Kale Kayihura

Opposition strongman and former presidential candidate (Rtd) Col Dr Kizza Besigye finally commented on the arrest of former police boss saying the detained general was netted by military after he failed to run out of the country.

The four-time presidential candidate made the remarks during the vote hunting exercise for opposition candidate for Sheema municipality seat Mrs. Virginia Plan Mugyenyi. Besigye said that the general’s failure to escape was because he did not have experience in the same.

Besigye added that, he has beaten security deployed around his homes several times and Kayihura would have contacted him if wanted to escape out the country revealing that, the old methods of security used by Kayihura is outdated.

After arrest of Kayihura in June this year, there was wide belief among general public that the detained former IGP was arrested after failing to escaped to neighboring Rwanda.

Besigye told the cheering crowds in Sheema municipality that he starting escaping from security operatives as early as 1980 after being arrested by Dr Apollo Milton Obote security forces but he escaped from them and went to Kenya where he was working as medical doctor.

Besigye added that, he later escaped through the border back to Uganda and joined NRA rebel group led by Yoweri Musevei.

He said Kayihura never expected to be arrested one time and he failed to practice escape tactics and  when the time came for him to escape he could not managed to move 15 Kilometer before he was arrested.

“Escaping is learnt from childhood. Y can see those who learnt it at an old age. Kayihura tried it but failed and n he is in jail.” Said Besigye.

During Kayihura tenure as IGP, Besigye on several occasions was put under preventive arrests but ended up eluding police deployed around his home.

After 2001 presidential election which Beisigye lost to Museveni, the former was put under house arrest with 24 hours military surveillance placed around his home. Besigye escaped and went to exile in South Africa in what left security personnel scratching their  head up to date.

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