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Besigye react to Kayihura trial, cautioned Ugandans to trend carefully with Museveni

Kayihura at Makindye court

Uganda opposition leader Dr Kizza Besigye has said Kayihura deserve justice despite the fact that he committed so many atrocities during his reign as an Inspector General of Police. Besigye expressed gratitude that the former police chief who was once referred by president Museveni as a good cadre of ruling party has finally taken plea in Court of law.  He made the remarks hours after Kayihura was charged in General Court Martial for failure to protect military hardware and aiding illegal deportation of Rwanda nationals. Kayihura was also charged of failure to protect war materials and failure to supervise war materials.

The four-time presidential candidate and former opposition Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) president said Kayiura excelled in high-handedness and acted with impunity especially when dealing with opposition supporters. He however, added that despite of his unbecoming behavior, Kayihura like any other Ugandans deserve speedy and fair hearing. He also warned others who are still serving the regime to take a leaf from Kayihura trial.

It is important to note that, Besigye suffered most during Kayihura 13 years reign as a police chief after being arrested countless times. The former president Museveni personal doctor has said despite all those that happens to him, he has forgiven Kayihura because Kayihura was being used by his master Museveni.

“When you allow to be a tool and prove to be a good one, you’ll be used most, wear out fast, have no more use and be disposed of,” Besigye cautioned.

He asked Ugandans to be careful with the choices they make specially when holding leadership positions.

“It’s the choices we make! My sympathy and prayers for Gen Kale Kayihura and more so, his family.” He stressed.

Kayihura will appear before the court martial on August 28, 2018 for hearing of his bail application.

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