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Bobi Wine takes liberation struggle to Cameroon

Kyadondo East member of parliament Robert Kyagulanyi Ssemtamu has taken his freedom fight to West African country Cameroon.

Bobi Wine in massage on his social media criticized the manner in which Cameroon musician Valsero is being treated by the regime.

Below is Bobi Wine solidarity message with the people of Cameroon;

Valsero is a prominent hip-hop artist and political activist in Cameroon. He has always used his voice to stand up for human rights and speak truth to power! On 26th January, Valsero was arrested after he participated in a pro-democracy peaceful demonstration against the government of Cameroon.

He was held incommunicado for several weeks and later presented to a military court. He was charged with 8 offences including rebellion, insurrectional movement and hostilities against the nation. Some of those charges carry the death penalty.

He is being arbitrarily detained alongside more than 130 other people for participating in a peaceful protest which was violently repressed by the security forces. Isn’t the script too familiar?

Remember, Cameroon is ruled by Paul Biya an 86 year old autocrat who came to power in 1982.

We stand in solidarity with him and all the people of Cameroon in their quest for democratic government. My message to you, as it is to the people of Uganda, is that no matter how fearsome the forces of evil are, they never win in the end. Hang in there. We shall overcome.

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