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Bryan White attacks Bobi wine and calls Gashumba a squirrel

Bryan White
Bryan White

Bryan white has retaliated to Gashumba’s post on Facebook  calling him a rabbit. Earlier on Frank Gashumba told Bryan white to look for his level, that when big men are discussing he should whip his tail and go to his levels.

Bryan white called Gashumba a con man on Wilson  street and that he is a squirrel which is always in hiding down the mold.

On a video info256 (your trusted source of information) has got Bryan white was happy to refer to himself as a rabbit, one of the reason he has given is rabbits entice people and are of great importance that’s why they are even reared at home .

Bryan white further accused Bobi wine of disrupting and destroying the youths leaving in the ghetto areas. That areas filled with high crime rates are Kamwokya and ghetto area known to be former residences for the Kyandondo east member of parliament.

Bryan white advised Bobi wine to sort himself out before aspiring or showing interest for presidency of the republic of Uganda. He further accused Bobi wine supporters of being intolerant to criticism from others yet they are quick to give judgement and call others funny names on top threatening to do him harm.

If you missed the post of Gashumba calling him a rabit : Bryan White warned against attacking Bobi Wine, told to find his level
We are yet to get a reply from Mr. Lion (Gashumba) and Mr. Tiger (Bobi wine) replying to Mr. Rabbit
We have added a video for you below here to download or watch.

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