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Bryan White warned against attacking Bobi Wine, told to find his level

Bryan White

City socialite and motivation speaker Frank Gashumba has said Bryan White should not compare himself to Kyadondo East MP because he is (Bryan) is too junior.

His statement comes after video of Bryan White made rounds on social media. I the video Bryan was heard telling the youth of Ediofe in Arua to support president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni because he is only one who is capable of ruling the country.

Bryan white further told the youth not to be confused by the likes of Bobi Wine because the latter smokes weeds.

Gashumba in reply said Bryan should not count himself among the sensible people in the country because he buys his support.

“If we are taking about sensible issues and sensible people never bring in Bryan something. Bobi Wine calls people and he does not pay them, people share his videos and song because they love him with no strings attached, Besigye calls people and he does not pay them, people share my videos and I don’t pay them people just love us even without giving them money, Bryan White is just buying people to love him.” Gashumba remarked.

He told Bryan white to find his level and discus with because he does not fit the level of Bobi Wine and Dr Besigye.

“If lions, tigers and leopards are discussing serious issues, small rabbits like Bryan White should just keep silent and look for their level. If you are still buying people to love you it’s like you are buying a prostitute. There are a lot of big people who have done big things in this country even without showing off like this small rabbit called Bryan something.” Gashumba warned.

When contacted to comment on Gashumba assertions Bryan white said he has no time for idle people who are trying to look for cheap popularity using him.

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