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Exclusive: Bebe Cool heading to politics to counter Bobi Wine

Bebe Cool

After weeks of being heckled by Ugandans on his statement on recently introduced mobile money and social media taxes, Bebe Cool has finally hinted at possibility of joining active politics in future.

While being interviewed on CBS, Bebe Cool said the anger against NRM is because the leaders have neglected the core values that took NRM to bush. He said he want the govern to urgently address the 10-points programs so as to reduce the public anger against the government.

Bebe Cool also lashed out at parliament for being self-centered and only thinking of themselves at the expense of local citizens. He wondered how the MPs could ask for escort from the president yet health centers are in very sorrow state. He said such expenditures would give face lift to hospitals like Kiruddu which he said lack basic needs like sanitations facilities, medicines among others.

Bebe Cool called on members of parliament to use their access to president to lobby for better service delivery than using it for their personal and selfish gains.

He also said MPs should mobilize the rests of Ugandans who are always complaining on social Media tax yet they are very few in numbers compared to those who want to pay the same tax. He said the same taxes which were took effect on July 1 will ease pressure on other tax payers especially the businessmen who were being burdened as the sole tax payers in the country.

Bebe cool reminded the country to utilize the good leadership of president Museveni so as to grow and develop their careers. He clarified that he is not new in politics and he is ready to serve the country not only with music but also in different capacity.

Through out the interview, Bebe Cool sounded like he is ready to join the politics. It is also important to note that, several of his supporters have been lobbying the president to appoint him a minister so as to counter the popularity of Bobi Wine who is expected to contest as president come 2021.

Bebe Cool recently attacked Bobi Wine for luring youths in demonstration in which many of them get injured while other get killed or  arrested just because they were whitewashed by the politicians.

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