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FDC, Besigye rejects meeting with Museveni, set terms and conditions

Forum for Democratic Change said it has rejected the meeting with ruling National Resistance Movement organised under the Inter Political Dialogue (IPOD).

The opposition Chief Whip said the decision to reject the meeting was reached at FDC meeting adding that the party opted not to go and hold the IPOD meeting at State House Entebbe because of the venue of the meeting.

“The Party President Eng. Amuriat Oboi briefed the Leadership of the FDC because he had earlier attended meetings at IPOD where he expressed the views of the FDC first, that until the NRM leader begins respecting IPOD and subjects himself to the process of IPOD, it would be meaningless for the FDC to continue discussing with DP, UPC and JEEMA,” He stressed.

He added: “As you recall, IPOD started in 2011 but for the whole duration the NRM leader or commander in chief or whatever title he wants to call himself had never subjected and submitted to the IPOD’s memorandum of understanding,” Nganda explained.

Nganda added that the chairman of NRM Yoweri Museveni did not sign the MoU that all other parties signed for the Period of 2011 – 2016.

“First, State House is not the NRM headquarter but also, Mr. Museveni can only attend IPOD as a leader of NRM not as a President of Uganda because that is even contested,” the FDC spokesperson continues.

He explains those concerns made the party to stay away from the Entebbe meeting.

“That’s is why as FDC, we couldn’t participate in a meeting at Entebbe because we think state house Entebbe must be home to the President but also when Museveni comes to attend the meeting, he should come as NRM leader not to come posing as leader of Uganda because IPOD is an organization for political Parties represented in Parliament.”

He went on: “Entebbe as we are aware is not the headquarters of NRM. The moment the meeting is hosted by Museveni as President of Uganda, then the FDC cannot be Party to such meeting.”

He added that the only reason they attend the meeting only if the conditions set up by the FDC are met.

“First Museveni must come as a leader of NRM and two, the meeting must be conducted in a neutral place and three, we must together generate the Agenda,” he noted.

He added: “FDC cannot come and then be addressed as if we are an NRM organ by an NRM Chairman. We hope to speak to our colleagues for them to brief us about what happened in Entebbe probably this Week.”

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