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Frustrated Mulyagonja quit over greener pasture

The Inspectorate General of Government Justice Irene Mulyagonja has shocked appointing authority after expressing her interest in another job despite holding juicy position.

Mulyagonja was recently attacked by president Yoweri Museveni who accuses her of doing so little to fight the graft in the country.

It what was seen as a big surprise to many government officials, the IGG applied for a job at the Judicial Service Commission as judge of the Constitutional Court.

Justice Mulyagonja is among the 24 applicants that have been shortlisted for vacant positions on the panel of the Constitutional Court.

The Court of Appeal of Uganda also known as the Constitutional Court of Uganda is the second-highest judicial organ in Uganda. It derives its powers from Article 134 of the 1995 Constitution.

Recently junior workers at her office wrote to the State House Anti-Corruption Unit, crying of corruption, impunity and maladministration taking place at the IGG that is supposed to fight corruption in public offices, saying that the institution requires a new leadership at the helm.

Mulyagonja who was at the helm of the inspectorate for seven years has however dismissed the allegations against her office as untrue.

“Actually it is members of who staff and their main concern that we don’t listen to them is untrue. However, they do not know the environment we are operating in because everything rotates on the budget allocation given to us. For other issues in their letter are baseless only intended to grab attention” Justice Mulyagonja said.

Sources within the inspectorate further say the IGG is frustrated by the mere fact that another unit was created to do exact work like the Inspectorate does and so, she feels she has no docket to supervise given that Col. Nakalema seem to be better facilitated than the Inspectorate.

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