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General Kyaligonza exposes Besigye, Museveni hidden secrets

General Matayo Kyaligonza has said the ruling National Resistance Movement doesn’t see opposition leader Dr Kizza Besigye as an enemy of the state.

Speaking during an interview with the local newspaper, Kyaligonza said the safrice by Dr. Besigye during liberation struggle will forever remains in the history of this country.

When pressed to speak on why several people who participated in the Bush war that brought President Museveni to power, Kyaligonza had this to say;

I do not want you to quote wrongly. Dr Kizza Besigye is one of us, Gen Mugisha Muntu is another, Mr Amanya Mushega and many other people in the Opposition are part of us.

I feel bad to hear that all of them are being looked at as enemies. They are just disenchanted people who are not believing in what we were all talking about. If I found Besigye I would not kill him, I would shake hands with him. Now you journalists will say I have joined Opposition.

Besigye was the only mobile doctor, save for Dr Barker. You do not know what happens in our house. Do you know what President Museveni tells Besigye when they meet? If President Museveni wanted to kill him, would he be alive? He is not that kind.

However, things have changed now. You should be considerate because you do not know what secret they are withholding from the country because you were not where they agreed.

What hurt most of us is that some of our comrades were not buried in an honourable way. People are corrupt because they do not have security of tenure; the President has been firing people day-in-day-out because of that.

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