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Gunman kills one and injures 13 others

Residents running away from teargas in Kampala

Gun man has killed one person and injured several in Toronto, Canada.

The man yet to identified killed a young woman and injured at least 13 others in the shooting spree.

According to security, the man was also killed after being hit by bullet following exchange of fire with security personnel.

The shooting happened at Danforth Avenue Yesterday evening, when the gun man stepped in and started shooting constantly sending panics among people.

He aimed those who were gathered in two cafes though security is yet to come in to conclusion whether what was his motive.

According to a video footage that has been circulated, the man was clad in some dark cap and clothes was seen carrying bag on top of the pavement before pulling out his gun and started firing randomly.

Officials condemned the attacks calling it acts of terrorism and coward ness who do not have respects for lives others.

Police said they are still investigating the unfortunate incident.

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