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IGP Martin Ochola under pressure for clearing Muntu party launch

Police unded the leadership of Martin Okoth Ochola have come under fire from sections of the public for allowing former Forum for Democratic Change president Maj General Mugisha Muntu to hold meetings ahead of launching his newly registered political party known as Alliance for National Transformation (ANT), when they have been blocking those of other opposition parties.

Police has on Monday said they will work closely with General Muntu and his team to ensure peaceful launch of his party.

“The two parties held consultations in advance, on how best to effectively manage, the two events and ensure a proportionate policing response, which is essential to the success of the events, safety of the participants, spectators and minimal disruptions of other road users near the venues,” Police Spokesperson Fred Enanga said in a statement.

“We want to welcome and assure the intending participants, that their safety at both events is guaranteed. We would also like to praise the efforts of the organizers, for their peaceful engagement, towards addressing, their outstanding political issues, in a sincere, mature and sustained manner,” he added.

However, this did not go down well with several members of the public who accused police of being partisan.

Drile Richard Tobin said: “But could you block any meeting or public gathering by the regime? Because this very alliance is an NRM game under the leadership of the veteran and legendary Mole Mugisha Muntu. This is a typical Museveni project so no need for consultation and I repeat, Uganda police we hated you a long time,”

“That is Museveni police letter in response to Gen Mugisha Muntu’s s planned political activities at Nsamba Sharing Hall. For the first time in Uganda, Uganda/Museveni Police is mobilising for political activities of Museveni opponents. I love the defiance in Police. That is progress,” said Ronald Muhinda, Dr Besigye’s political aide

Mr Twinomukama Josephat said: “Differentiate ANT with other political parties which belief in defiance and ANT which puts much of its efforts in organisation and party building. That’s what makes it unique. Anybody who pins ANT as a mole party should first understand its ideology”

Musinguzi Wycliffe said: “So, how I wish you would also have the same discipline against FDC and other political prayers.”

Nzyotho De Phdo said: “Anyway, it is only ANT that is cooperative with the Uganda Police Force; hope the saying “Muntu is a mole” will not come to pass.”

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