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ISO boss break silence on the murdered Uganda spies in DR Congo

The Internal Security Organisation (ISO) has refuted a report that the two suspected spies that were brutally murdered by DR Congo based rebels group of the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) in the Democratic Republic of Congo were linked to them.

This comes barely a week after ADF in shocking move released a picture of two beheaded people, man and woman on allegations of spying for the Government.

The ADF further said that the culprits were ISO operatives. The female victim was dressed in a yellow blouse, and a black, sports trouser with white, yellow and green strips. Her hands were also tied tightly behind her back with a green strip and with grayish scarf wrapped around her waist.

Her headless body was also lying on the ground in a pool of blood, while her head, with puff hairs, was placed on top of the male victim’s headless body. The male headless body was dressed in a navy blue jacket and a dark blue trouser. Both bodies were lying on the ground that looked to be located in a jungle. The male victim was identifi ed by a name, Nkalubo.

ISO Director General Col Frank Kaka Bagyenda said the two are not known by the organisation stating that the victims could have been murdered from the jungle of Democratic Republic of Congo.

“We are investigating to authenticate the motive and those that were behind this act. We also want to establish the particulars of the victims, including their origin,” Kaka said.

He reassured the country that ISO has a well established network hence no one can destabilise the country by any means.

“ADF are a mediocrity. We defeated them, but they want to dupe their funders that they are still active on ground, so that they can be given more funds,” he said.

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