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Kadaga accused of stealing huge chunk of land.

Speaker Kadaga Rebecca

Jinja municipal council has petitioned the commission of land inquiry led by Catherine Byamureire accusing Kadaga Rebecca of grabbing the municipal land.

The council has also petitioned ministry of Land over the same requesting the ministry the ministry to help them recover the piece of land.

The petition states that, Kadaga through her office as a Speaker of parliament asked the council to open the boundary of the contested land located at Kyabazinga lane on plot 5-15 , Nalufenya but later ended up stealing and forcefully using the land as her personal property without paying any fee to the council.

On realizing that the speaker is using the piece of land for her personal gains, council called for emergency meeting to discuss how Jinja municipal council land ended up being personal property of the the speaker of parliament of the republic of Uganda.

Jinja municipality Mayor Majid Batambuze was subsequently tasked by the municipal council to use all possible means to ensure that, the contested land title is cancelled and land ownership transferred back  to the municipal council.
The council passed resolution condemning the speaker along side her  partner identified as Kisakye Yahaya.  They accused the duo with influence of Kadaga of fraudulent acquisition of the land measuring up to four acres leaving only eight acres of the land  to the municipal council.

Lands ministry on recieving the petition decided to call for public hearing onto the matter. However, the planned hearing was blocked after Kadaga co-accused Kisakye Yahaya secured court order from Jinja High Court blocking any further investigation and inquiry into the same.

Commenting on the matter, Jinja town clerk said the effort is under way to reposes the land but added that many people who were at forefront of fighting for the rescue of the land have chickened out due to the personality involves in the matter.
He added that they had thought Byamureire commission would help them sort out the issue faster but the commission has gone silent and the municipal council is not sure not sure whether the same matter will heard before the commission as their mandate is soon expiring.

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