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Kagame in worry after latest rebel warnings, new anti Kagame radio launched

Rwanda deputy Foreign Affairs minister Amb. Olivier Nduhungirehe has said one of the leading hate radio known RTLM is back on air under new name Radio Itahuka.

Nduhungirehe added that the contentious radio is part of the official network of the Rwanda National Congress (RNC) of Kayumba Nyamwasa, who lives in South Africa.

The Radio, whose Director is Serge Ndayizeye of RNC, broadcasts from Washington D.C., United States.

RNC is a group of armed rebels forces with operation base in DR Congo which was recently implicated by the UN Group of Experts.

On 4th January 2018, Jean Paul Karane Turayishimye, Spokesperson of the RNC and one of the main hosts on Radio Itahuka, was receiving Prof Charles Kambanda, a law Professor at St Johns University located in Queens, New York.

This is what this professor said very openly on air as quoted by Ndihungirehe:

“The Rwandan people have the moral and legal obligation to fight and overthrow Kagame. Kagame has a very last opportunity to spare the life of Rwandans, as well as his own. If you, Kagame, accept to negotiate with the opposition, you would be doing good to you and to your family.”

“Kagame, you will become like [Idi] Amin [Dada]. If you accept the negotiations, you will spare your life, the life of your children and that of your entire family. When the armed struggle starts, Kagame will die with many people. When the war starts, the people will chase around Kagame and his people, even at the lowest level. The Rwandan people will hunt down the Kagame people, even down to the village”.

“Kagame, please think of all the people who will die with you, when the war starts. All those people will likely be killed, especially as there isn’t any neighbouring country that will accept to receive them”.

“Kagame, by rejecting the negotiations, is giving all those people (who are under him up to the village) to death, and I guarantee you that you will see this happening. The Rwandan people are committed to take up weapons, and we should not turn around, those people already exist and war will happen, happen very soon, and only Kagame should be the one to blame”.

“If Kagame loves his children and loves the people who work for him and support his government, it would be good if he could give them the gift of negotiations”.

Note: Radio Télévision Libre des Mille Collines [RTLM] was a Rwandan radio station which broadcast from July 8, 1993 to July 31, 1994.

It played a significant role during the April–July 1994 Rwandan genocide.

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