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Kagame storm Uganda boarder in preparation for major raid

Rwanda present Paul Kagame has on Tuesday started his tour of six districts including one where a group calling itself National Liberation Front (FLN) claims to have captured most parts of it.

According to Village Urugwiro, Kagame will on Tuesday visit Burera district, which is few kilometers to Uganda boarder. He will then proceed to Musanze district, home of the famous gorillas.

Burera is where Cyanika border with Uganda is located. In recent weeks following the fall out with Kampala, there has been campaign ongoing to discourage locals from crossing to get services in Uganda.

The following day, the Head of State will head to Rubavu district, bordering DR Congo, which will be combined with rural Rutsiro district.

The last leg of the tour will be in Nyamasheke district, which is covered partly by Nyungwe forest national park, where the FLN rebels claim to be operating.

One of its commanders and spokesman Nsabimana Callixte aka Major Callixte Sankara has been captured and is due in court.

Karongi district is a growing touristic region due to its location on Lake Kivu.

Sources within RDF told us that Kagame want to access the security situation in the areas prior to authorization of major assaults on rebels who are operating in the areas.

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