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Kampala revelers angry as the country goes dark

Umeme employees

There was general power blackout through out the country as the country was plunged into total darkness.

The blackout occurred between 8:00 PM and 10:00 PM on Saturday night however, some other parts of the country like Entebbe experienced the power outage as early as Thursday.

According to Umeme, the company mandated with the distribution of the Electricity in Uganda, the power blackout was a result of general system failure at Generation plant in Jinja.

“We have a general system failure at Generation in Jinja. We are working with UETCL and UEGCL to ensure quick restoration” Umeme posted on its official Facebook page.

Several Ugandans who were partying in different hangout in Kampala expressed there disappointment with the government and Umeme on social media.

“Before the Armored Cars let us Buy Stand By Generators. We probably have lost one or Two lives because of this Outage” Atuhaire Martin Osbert posted on Facebook.

Others took the advantage to mock the age limit judgement by making fun of the blackout while expressing their frustration at Umeme.

“Okay, we thought the constitutional court was giving another judgement on age limit. These days we are suspicious about your power outage” One social media user said.

Several businessmen also expressed their anger at the power distribution company accusing it of being incompetence.

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