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Kirumira fought for equity, justice and good governance, Besigye

Uganda opposition leader and former Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) president Dr. Kizza Besigye has paid tribute at the send of Slain Maverick Police reformist Muhammad Kirumira at his ancestral home in Mpigi.

Besigye said opponent of the the regime will not be silence by killing opponents stating that dissidents voices won’t be silenced.

“Even if the killers try everything possible to kill opponents, they will not kill or destroy ideals for which they stood and fought for. Muhammad Kirumura was a potent voice of reason; voice of reform; voice of good governance and voice of the voiceless. His voice has been silenced but his Ideals and values will not be silenced.” Besigye said.

He hailed Kirumira as a voice of justice that should be strengthened adding that the horrific murders of innocent people should be stopped.

“Kirumira fought for equity, justice and good governance. We should strengthened by the will to fight until we succeed. His horrific killing, by gunfire, is another major tragic incident depicting Uganda’s deep and intensifying crisis.” Besigye continues.

He urged for unity within the democracy seeking forces to end the continuous killing of innocent Ugandans.

“As we lay to rest our comrade, we must unite and work together to see that the change; the reforms and justice he fought for are achieved soon in his memory. His gruesome death should never be in vain.” He added.

He called upon all Ugandans to work together to regain the control of the country from the junta who are using guns to silence the opponents.

“We must fight together to regain our country that has been captured by a few people. When we say people power, that’s what we mean-Power to the people.” He said.

Kirumira was the latest victims of recent waves of killing that has gripped the country. All the killers have been using Boda Boda to target the people who they want to kill.

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