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Lake Victoria Tragedy: UPDF arrests several

MV Templar 

Over five boats were  on Sunday 9th, December impounded at Masese landing site in Jinja district due to lack of life jackets and over loading.

Following  a national tragedy that striked the country few weeks ago, the national was left in shock when the  news of boat cruise tradegy that was carrying hundreds of revellers capsized in lake Victoria and more than 30 died spread around.

Reacting to the unfortunate event, the government put in place several safety measures  to prevent further occurrences of the similar incident. The measures targets more especially the boat owners, Beach owners and the passengers.

On Sunday Uganda people’s defense forces carried out an operation  at Masese landing site in Jinja commanded by Godfrey Kanyesige and impounded several boats on account of overloading.

Passengers  without life jackets  without life jackets were also arrested.

“Most of the passengers didn’t have life jackets and some boats were over loaded ,and others in bad conditions which may  lead to accident,” Kanyesige said.

The suspects were handed over to the police and later released on police bond with caution.

Some passengers  who were arrested said that life jackets were not in good conditions and the market is flooded with fake life Jackets beside that they are very expensive.

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