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Lango cultural foundation meeting underway discussing marriage tax

A meeting of Lango Cultural institution headed by Paramount Chief Yosam Odur Ebii is in the offing at margarita Palace Hotel despite attempts by the rival camp to block it. Last evening the camp of Dr.Engineer Michael Moses Odongo Okune using their lawyer Okello Oryem wrote to police asking them to block the meeting.

Sponsored by Plan Uganda, a Non Governmental Organisation (NGO), the meeting is discussing the possibility of ending teen age pregnancy in Lango sub region. The cultural institution is also considering introducing a marriage tax. According to the proposal, those conducting customary marriages in Lango Region will be required to buy a certificate from Lango cultural foundation at a fee to be decided for recognition.

Apparently, customary marriages are only recognized by the parents of the bride and groom and the clan leadership. Once the groom fulfills all the customary requirements he is issued a letter endorsing the marriage as genuine and complete.
However, under the new proposal all customary marriage in Lango will be registered by the Lango Cultural foundation and Uganda Registration Service Bureau. Dr. Richard Nam, the Prime Minister Lango Cultural Foundation, says no marriage shall be recognized culturally unless it is registered with Lango Cultural foundation.

The proposal has generated sharp criticism among the subjects with many calling on the institution toook for alternative sources of funding the cultural institution. Subjects also want the cultural institution to spearhead the fight against poverty and illiteracy in the region.

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