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Leaked People Power 2021 manifestos shocked voters

People Power Movement pressure group headed by Kyadondo East member of parliament has kicked off preparation for 2021 general election nearly 20 months to the voting day.

According to People Power, a team of experts are already working on their manifestos in order to win heart of voters come next elections.

It is reported that, a number of issues have already been worked on and so far 16 point program have been piled together and will be launching soon.

According SDP leader Mike Mabikke, top on the agenda is creation of at least 2 million jobs for Ugandan youths in the first 200 days in office and scrapping of inimical policies like the Over the Top Tax (OTT), Public order management Act that restricts freedom of association among others.

Mabikke further stated that those who think People Power is is lacking crediblr and experienced leaders are misguided noting the most important thing is people’s the support.

He added that Uganda needs an opposition leader who gives hope to the population, and people power has that leadership.

He went on to explain that, unless other parties, people power is a wide team that has continued to grow across the globe, citing that other opposition parties like Gen. Mugisha Muntu’s Alliance for National Transformation (ANT), Uganda People’s Congress among others will soon be joining the wider DP Bloc.

The former Makindye East lawmaker implored the Forum for Democratic Change to join the mega caravan regardless of the different strategies since all they are fighting for is the same cause.

He however made it clear that if FDC is to come in the team, they need to know that Kyadondo East’s Hon. Kyagulanyi Robert Ssentamu alias Bobi Wine has to be the presidential candidate.

“They are free to join us, we really need to join hands if we are to achieve our revolutionary goal but they need to know that we already have a presidential candidate and this is Hon. Kyagulanyi Robert Ssentamu.” Mabiike said while appearing on CBS FM Parliament Yaffe program hosted by Medie Nsereko Ssebuliba

The revelation by Mabikke has however, left people shocked with many political analysts wondering why should ring fence the flag bearer position something that NRM has been accused off in the past.

Others however, cast doubt how it is practible possible to create 2 million jobs in just 200 days.

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