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Magufuli embarrassed president in Tanzania calling Ugandan traders fraudsters

Magufuli and Museveni

The president of Tanzania John Pombe Magufuli shocked president Museveni and delegation from Uganda when openly told him not to think of selling sugar Uganda in his country.
Magufuli told Museveni that many traders have been taking advantage of importing sugar to smuggle Ugandan sugar into Tanzania.

The tough talking Magufuli further said that Ugandan sugar are manufactured else where but only labelled made in Uganda an act he said is fraudulent.

He was jointly a dressing press in Dar-es-Salam with his counterpart Musiveni yesterday Thursday. He further stressed that Tanzania has a lot of locally made sugar and does not to import sugar from elsewhere.

He told Museveni to look for market of his sugar elsewhere and should forget about Tanzania market because he won’t allow fake and substandard products from Uganda into his market.
His statement came a week after Tanzania blocked 600 tons of sugar from Uganda to enter into its territory. The Tanzania Revenue Authority demanded a tax of 25 percent on Uganda sugar before being allowed in the country which is against East Africa Community trade rule.

The sugar which had Kakira logo subsequently blocked and sent back to Uganda.

Museveni on his part said they are strengthening of trade between two countries and looking forward to have the oil pipeline work get started as soon as possible. He did not comment on the issue of banning Ugandan sugar in Tanzania.

also visit; Magufuli wants prisoners to be punished harshly.

Museveni is in Tanzania for state visit on invitation of president Magufuli.

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