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Magyezi eyes 30 more years for president Museveni


Raphael Magyezi

Igara West member of parliament Raphael Magyezi said he is very proud for tabling the bill that will ensure President Museveni to rule for life.

He thanks the Judges of constitutional court for maintaining the age limit into the constitution and said it proved that the parliament did great work.

Magyezi made the remarks while appearing on NBS television show. He added that he respects the ruling because it shows the level of democracy which granted independence to the judiciary and other arms of governments.

He said on his part he did a good job on his side and that was witnessed in the ruling which maintained the age limit.

Magyezi also explained that the court ruling was expected and added that his bill had huge support and he was overwhelmed by the support it got among the MPs and executive.

He said he also supported the two years extensions though it was not part of his original bill because it would have saved taxpayers millions due to few electioneering periods and would also enable the elected leaders to serve better without thinking about election soon.

Magyezi added that he likes following his minds because people’s opinions are very the same and he expressed happiness for entering into the books of history by saving Ugandans from political instability.

He also said many people misunderstood him and the decision he took to table the amendment was too costly on his side though he doesn’t regret it since Ugandans came out as the winner.

The MP added that good leaders like Museveni are very few and he would wish to see him step down because capable leaders are very few.

He added that since Museveni has won constant elections it proves that he is still loved the by the majority of Ugandans adding it would be good to see him in power for the next the 30 years.

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