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Minister Kiwanda faces arrest, shuns public as he rushes Museveni for help

Uganda’s state minister for Tourism who doubles as Mityana North MP Hon. Godfrey Kiwanda has shunned public gathering and limits his public movement after court issued an arrest warrant against him, over failure to pay debts.

The former Parliamentary Buganda Cacaus leader, who has enjoyed media lime lights for organising the recent controversial Uganda Miss Curvy Hon. Kiwanda is looking for president Museveni to bail him out after making various calls which have not received a positive answer.

A civil suit which Hon. Kiwanda lost to Rajnish Jain arises from at Mengo court. Rajnish Jain the plaintiff (Judgment creditor) versus Hon. Muwenda Godfrey (Judgment debtor) Hon. Kiwanda Godfrey was extracted by decree by High Court arsing from the Chief Magistrate ‘s Court of Mengo in civil suit No. 3454 of 2011 dated the 4th day of April, 2012 to pay to the decree holder the total sum of U. Shs. 104,574,700/= as noted here under.

These are to command you to arrest hon. Godfrey Kiwanda the judgement debtor and unless the judgement debtor shall pay to you the sum of U. Shs. 104,574,700/= together with the costs of executing this process, to bring the judgement debtor before this court with all convenient speed. as its stated by Nizeyimana Deo Registrar of Execution High Court

Mityana residents are crying after looking for their legislator for now two weeks but unable to meet him, nor receive the right information about their MP. Now Hon. Kiwanda uses unknown private motor vehicles unknown to the public for his safety as he keeps on calling president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni for rescue.

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