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Museveni advisor advised him him to quit to quit in 2021

Few days after being endorsed by National Resistance Movement top organs including CEC and NRM caucus, president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has come under further criticism from members of his own party.

The contraversial senior president president advisor John Nagenda has become the latest to add his voice on police brutality and Museveni six term.

Senior Presidential Advisor 81 year old John Nagenda goes bare knuckles telling off his boss President Museveni that the mistreatment of Bobi Wine (who was just 4 years when the NRM took power in 1986) is simply too embarrassing and unacceptable in any civilized society.

He also blasts police for “stalking” Bobi Wine instead of providing security and protecting young women who are being killed.

He refers to IHK’s Dr Catherine Agaba who he says shouldn’t have been killed so casually if police was deploying in the right places as opposed to lounging out at Bobi Wine’s residence.

Nagenda, who has previously urged the President to quit in 2021, asks Museveni to look into the mirror and see how ugly he looks leading a country in which police is directed to criminally (his word) brutalize innocent citizens.

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