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Museveni blast Donald Trump, calls him useless leader

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has on Wednesday during labour celebration in Agago cautioned Ugandans against sabotaging investors and businessmen in the country.

The president revealed that he had previously cautioned ruling National Resistance Movement members of parliament on the contiguous Sugar Bill.

“The other day we were in the caucus discussing the Sugar Bill. I’m trying to advise my MPs on how to handle businesspeople because if you insult businesspeople you will fail,” Museveni said.

The strength of Uganda or any other country around the world, Museveni said, “is not in the politicians, or priests, or traditional leaders, but in the business people.”

Museveni gave the example of United States whom he said its leadership has not played any significant role in its development and strength.

“The Unites States is the most powerful country, not because of its leaders but the businesspeople,” he noted.

He added; “The leaders in the US, they are just seasonal…four years and they are looking for a new leader. It is like they are just playing around; It is as if they are playing games.”

“Africans need to wake up and realize that modern society is based on the private sector,” Museveni concluded.

The Labor Day celebrations were held under the theme; “Promoting employment through enhanced public Infrastructure development”

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