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Museveni halt tour as plot to poison him is leaked

State House security handlers were in panic after landing on reports which indicated that some individuals with ill motives were plotting to poison president Yoweri Museveni during the ongoing political tours around the country.

Museveni country wide tours is aimed at galvanizing supports for the ruling National Resistance Movement in the face of the new Bobi Wine wave.

Since the president has ordered for all those who attends his tour to be well fed, the State House catering department could not manage to feed such a large number of people in different parts of the country. There had to be backup from private service providers.

“The companies complimenting the State House catering teams with the additional food and drinks have had to undergo rigorous security screening resulting into some being struck off the list. There is general fear that the President (famous for acting in very surprising ways) can become excited and decide to partake of the same food making himself susceptible to being poisoned. This is why this [feeding of delegates] is one area on which his security handlers couldn’t take chances,” says a well-placed State House source adding we are living in politically very unpredictable times.

The source further revealed that, a number of senior presidency employees were barred from the tour after learning that individuals intend to harm the president.

Museveni started his tour Toro region. He will then proceed to Masindi in Bunyoro region on Saturday before transversing other parts of the country.

It is not clear which individuals within the ruling party want to poison the president but state house security team is not leaving anything to chances.

The sources further told us that the president was scheduled to tour Masindi on Tuesday but was postponed to Saturday after learning of the poison plot.

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