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Museveni writes to Nkurinziza on how to tackle Kagame

Kagame and Nkurunziza

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has said he will not speak for Rwandan president Paul Kagame who was recently accused by Burundi president Pierre Nkurunziza of destabilizing Burundi.

Nkurunziza had previously asked Museveni why Kagame doesn’t talk to Interahamwe militia leaders in DR Congo yet the East African Community (EAC) was determined to force the government in Bujumbura to hold talks.

Museveni said the issue of Rwanda and Burundi needs to discussed to the logical conclusion in order to ensure peace and stability within the region.

He urged the two leaders to engage each other and promote peace rather than trending accusations which he urged won’t lift people out of poverty.

Section of Museveni letter 

He added that property and strategic security to the African people is very vital to the current African leaders.

Museveni letter comes weeks after president Kagame threatens to crash anybody who tries to destabilise Rwanda noting that his country is ready to go back to the past.

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