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Musician Cindy Sanyu exposes Fr Lukodo hidden secrets

Musician Cindy Sanyu has blasted the Minister of Ethics and Intergrity Fr. Lukodo after succumbing to his pressure regarding her seductive and dressing performances respectively.

Lukodo has previously warned the singer against inappropriate conducts while on stage stating that such unbecoming behaviour will be dealt with harshly by the government.

City who looked unbothered about the tough warnings from the minister. In an interview with info256, the singer claims that the minister secretly enjoys her performances in his bedroom.

“Lukodo should know that am an entertainer. I go for shows to entertain people and not educate. It is okay for me to dress they way I do if am in the show or concert. Am sure Fr Lukodo enjoys watching my performances when in his bedroom alone,” Cindy claimed.

It should be noted that Cindy was part of the list that was released by the anti pornography committee for Indecent and improper dressing.

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