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Must watch movie: Besigye and police in cat and mouse game

Police switched off 88.6 Kiira FM that was hosting President Kizza Besigye, fired teargas in the studios and City Hotel where Kiira FM is based and tear gassed people to tow his car away!

Then midway, at a Junction, Dr Kizza Besigye Driver Fred Kato took one direction and the Tow truck (break down) another! The chain broke!

Besigye took one route and the police and Tow Truck another! The people ran after the truck until it disappeared to Njeru using a wrong lane!

Besigye and FDC President Patrick Amuriat disappeared from Police and went straight to the FDC base Kirinya Garage!

Police reached Kirinya and they cannot fire teargas! They are watching because you fire teargas in Kirinya, there will be dead bodies!

Now RPC is pleading that Besigye speaks to his people and the proceed! But why did they switch off Kiira FM if they wanted him to speak?

They are now stuck in Kirinya and cannot do anything! The People are saying they can handle Police in Kirinya and Police evidently scared!

The people are saying “Be Steady, Besigye is at home!”

In Kirinya, Kato is the talk how good he is at driving! The best driver.

Via Muhinda Ronald

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