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Nebbi Court blocks vote recounts amid high tensions

Onega Robert speaking at a rally

The Court in Nebbi has rejected the application seeking the vote recounts in the just concluded municipal election.

Forum for Democratic Change flag bearer Robert Onega had taken to court his rival Sulaiman Hashim of NRM  who was declared the winner with a difference of just 120 votes.

Onega claimed he had won the election and was seeking for vote recounts since the figures declared at the polling station do not tally with the what was announced by the Electoral Commission.

The declaration by the EC sparked a wave of a violent demonstration in Nebbi town as supporters of Onega were protesting what they termed as vote rigging.

Several properties including NRM offices and homes of Electoral Commission officials were vandalized by angry supporters.

Onega is expected to appeal the court ruling since the Chief Magistrate did not give any reasonable grounds for rejecting vote recounts.

Disappointed supporters of Onega wondered how the court could reject the recount if the election was free and fair.

“If they won genuinely why should they fear vote recounts” one angry supporter was heard yelling.

Tension has remain high in Nebbi town with heavy of police manning the town to block any form of riot.

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