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New rebel groups warned Uganda oppositions, threatens to attacks

A diaspora based armed movement which last year threatened to start rebellion against the Kampala regime has scoffed at opposition calls to cause regime change using street protests, stating that political activism alone won’t deliver results.

The Super Coalition Against the Despots (SCAD) said in a media statement on Saturday that the opposition Forum for Democratic Change idea of using ‘people power’ against Museveni can not yield any result as the National Resistance Movement government remained militarily strong.

“Our attention has been drawn to the above 47-page document issued by the ‘people’s government’ led by Col. Kizza Besigye, dated April 2018, but appeared for the first time online this week,” said Director of SCAD Simon Mwiru.

The document states that the ‘people’s government’ does not believe in the use of arms to cause the regime change in Uganda.

“While it is the right of every political organisation to choose a method, it is wrong to hide in that right to cleverly cripple efforts to overthrow the regime in Uganda,” said Mwiru.

Defence Spokesperson Brig Richard Karemire in September 2017, said the UPDF was investigating the rebel movement SCAD to establish its actual existence.

This was after the group released an audio taking responsibility for armed attacks in the country and threatening to attack and kill family members and supporters of President Museveni.

In the latest statement, SCAD stated that political activism cannot shake President Museveni who came to power by use of guns.

“While we understand that the leadership of the ‘people’s government’ have reached an understanding with Museveni, and must therefore, as a necessary condition declare their opposition to armed struggle, we shall not allow their betrayal of the struggle to go unchallenged,” said Mwiru.

The added that the SCAD financially support opponents of President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni in Uganda.

“It is public knowledge that SCAD morally and financially supports civic activism in Uganda. But we are aware that civic actions are not enough to dislodge the regime. That is why we took the difficult but necessary step to establish an armed revolutionary wing to confront the SFC. Our capacity is better known to our real enemy, the SFC.” Mwiru added.

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