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Matembe explains why she was banned from the frontline

Former minister of Ethics and Integrity Hon Miria Matembe has accused security minister General Elly Tumwiine of directing the management of NBS television to remove her from a popular weekly TV talk show “the frontline.”

Matembe revealed on Friday that, the management of NBS were threatened by Tumukunde to stop hosting her or have their licence revoked.

“The security minister ordered NBS to ban me from those discussions because they feared me,” Matembe claimed during a training of Young leaders’ in alternative and transformative leadership at Kyoto Retreat Centre, Namugongo.

She added that the NRM government feared that her views would spark uprisings in the country because she has a lot of regime secrets.

“By the way I am a dangerous woman. Those people feared that the views I was passing to the public through the Frontline would make Ugandans wake up and take action against bad governance,” the woman activist said.

She added: “That is why they threatened to close the station not until they removed me from the debate.”

Her claims was however denied by the program host Mr Charles Odongtho who said Matembe was banned because she placed the TV station in an awkward position especially after filling two different law suits against her fellow panelists and the TV station itself.

Odongtho revealed that Mrs Matembe lodged two defamation suits, one against one of the panelists Dr Chris Baryomunsi, NBS TV and himself the show host; and another suit against Government Spokesperson Ofwono Opondo, who is also a regular on the show.

He added that when the cases went for mediation, the TV requested hon Matembe to withdraw the suits, especially that Mr Opondo and Baryomunsi had agreed to apologize to her, which was one of her demands.

Matembe however, declined the offer saying that her case involved not just her, but her husband, who was allegedly insulted by Mr Opondo.

“She wanted her husband to be involved in the case as well, but for us we don’t have a contract with her husband,” he said.

He added: “It became hard and the company decided that it would be awkward to continue having her on the show.”

Matembe however, added that she was on several occasions approached by the government to be rewarded with fat government job an offer she said she declined.

“Those people have on several occasions tried to award me a job of my choice but I tell you no one can manipulate me,” she said.

“I am a woman of my word; I am not like Betty Kamya who has let us down simply because she was awarded a ministry position. Now she doesn’t feel ashamed supporting the NRM ideologies that do not rhyme with the people of Uganda at all,” Matembe added.

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