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Opposition Chief Col. Besigye respond to Bobi Wine

Former Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) party president Dr. Kizza-Besigye, FDC President Patrick Oboi Amuriat and Kawepe South Member of Parliament Munyagwa Mubarak, Rukungiri municipality MP Roland Kaginda, Ingrid Turinawe and Vicent Mujuni Kyamadidi has on Friday addressed Leaders of the People Government from Greater Mbarara districts of Kiruhura, Isingiro, Ibanda, Ntungamo and Mbarara.

The meeting took place in Mbarara in spite of attempts by Police to deploy heavily at original venue and blocked FDC and People’s Government from using it.

Speaking to cheering crowds, Besigye says the struggle is looking for a political Transition in Uganda, where for the very first time, there must be transfer of power from leaders with guns to leaders whom people want.

The transition Besigye says will bring about New Constitution for Uganda; Cause reform of State Institutions; lead to Truth Telling and Reconciliation and finally lead to Free and Fair Elections where people will have power to vote and their vote counts.

FDC President Patrick Oboi Amuriat said “FDC is now a united party that works well within its rank and file” saying “once a political group is united, they push in the same direction.

“We are now fighting as a team “, Oboi declared.

For his part, People Government Security Minister Munyagwa Mubarak said the people must fight to defend the liberation struggle indicating that Museveni has invested a lot of resources in undermining Besigye and destroy his character “most times also using our colleagues”.

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