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Otto blasts Museveni for creating cliques within MPs

Member of Parliament for  Aruu constituency  Hon Odonga Otto has expressed his disappointment with President Museveni whom

he accused of favouring only cliques of MPs who supported age limit bill ignoring other legislators despite the fact that they are all contributing to the development of the country. Otto said recent all recent presidential  di


rectives are in favour of those who voted to change constitution.

Otto urged that  Museveni has only given police body guards to those that supported Raphael  Magezi bill leaving them at the mercy of God. He even said the money for LC 1 election was given to the same cliques calling it double standards and intimidation to the rests of members of parliament.
He also blasted Museveni for only selecting those women MPs from the same category to meet him at state house yesterday.

Otto added that even the issuance of civilians firearms has become selective with only ruling party MPs only being considered. He claims people are now supporting the ideas of head of state for personal gains against interests of the country.

Otto said  he will not accept the new armoured vehicles which has been directed by Museveni because they are meant for only those who supported the amendments. Otto claims are in sharp contrast to Museveni directives which indicated that all MPs should be budgeted for. Many MPs urged that it is waste of resources to buy member of parliament armoured vehicles urging that it is better to channel that money into other developmental activities in the country like construction of health centres, roads among others. MPs were recently thrown into panic after one of their own Ibrahim Abiriga was killed in June this year.

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