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Panic as government officers banned from traveling out of the country

Kenya Head of Public Service Joseph Kinyua has explained that several top Kenya officias would not be allowed to travel outside Kenya without the e-passport.

Through an order issued by the country Public Service, the officers with old passports might not travel unless they acquire the new document.

He further insisted that some of the public servants were still applying for a visa using the old machine-readable passports which he urged is against the rule that was set.

“Please be advised that while passport requirements for entry and exit vary from country to country, the general rule is that a passport should have at least six (6) months validity when travelling internationally.

“Therefore, most countries will not issue a visa or permit a traveller to enter their country unless the passport is set to expire at least six months after the final date of travel,” stated Kinyua.

The Public service boss further noted that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs would not help the officers in getting the visas for the old travel document.

In 2017, Kenya became the second country in East Africa to issue the e-passports after Burundi paved the way for the change.

Payment for the passports was highlighted to be made via mobile phone or credit cards.

The roll out of the new travel document was remarked to have costed the government Sh500 million.

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