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President flee his office as huge snakes takes over

Snakes has taken over the president forcing him to abandon it for the dangerous reptile which is currently enjoying the AC in the room.

Liberia president George Weah have been forced to carryout his mandate at his private residence according to the BBC reports.

Press secretary Smith Toby in an interview told the London based broadcaster that two huge black snakes were on Wednesday found in the foreign affairs ministry building, site of the official office.

All staff have been told to stay away until 22 April when the matter is expected to be revolved.

“It’s just to make sure that crawling and creeping things get fumigated from the building,” Mr Toby said.

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs hosts the office of the president, so it did an internal memo asking the staff to stay home while they do the fumigation,” he said.

“The snakes were never killed,” Mr Toby said. “There was a little hole somewhere [through which] they made their way back.”

Eye witness from the capital Monrovia said Police and presidential security were seen guarding Mr Weah’s residence in Monrovia. A fleet of vehicles including escorts jeeps were parked outside.

Mr Toby said the Ministry of Foreign Affairs started to fumigate on Friday and expects every thing to be back to normal after after Easter period.

“That building’s been there for years now, and (because of) the drainage system, the possibility of having things like snakes crawling in that building was high,” he said.

He added that authority will not allow the snakes to prevent the president from serving his people and will definitely go back to his office.

“The president is definitely returning to his official office on Monday after the fumigation whether or not the snakes are found and killed,” Mr Toby said.

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