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Raphael Magyezi opens up on age limit bill, reveals how he was punished

Igara East member of parliament Raphael Magyezi has spoken out by what transpired during age limit bill which was finally passed into law by the parliament in December 2018.

Speaking to NBS morning breeze program on Monday, Magyezi reveals that many of his family members were victimized due to the bill.

“My children were affected in school, family members and the people in my constituency but that is what it takes to make a decision on behalf of the people. I need more time to do more of what I did. There are things left untouched that I hope the government will touch,” Magyezi said.

He added: “In the future I would champion a situation of a reduced parliament. Uganda is still young in multiparty democracy. Many things that happen in the chambers are because of that.”

Magyezi further explained that, he brought other important provisions in the constitution but only article 102 (b) took the centre stage.

“The bill wasn’t about 102 (b) alone, there are other important provisions that I brought up. The amendment of Article 102 (b) just took the limelight. The extension of the parliamentary term from 5 to 7 years was not brought up by me. What was more irregular was the two amendments that were brought on the floor of Parliament, one being the extension of the LCs and MPs term from 5 to 7 years,” Magyezi added.

He further stressed: ” Whereas the bill was processed through consultation, these amendments were just brought up on the floor of Parliament. The violence that took place in and out of Parliament was regrettable.”

When asked by Simon Kagwa Njala about what makes him excited, Magyezi had this to say;

The court ruling. 4:3 was very narrow but at the end of the day this was democracy, the people of Uganda won.

I was in Parliament when MPs stood up to either say change article 102 (b) or not. Some people thought it was popular, others thought it wasn’t. It was a moment of tension when the judges were reading their judgments. My hope was we’d get it. We had done a thorough job. This was work I did after thorough consultation and reading. What’s wrong with the president backing you up on a matter of national interest?

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