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Revellers were too drunk to care – Namubiru

Mukasa my driver introduced me to the people who were there. I was at the same table with Prince David Wasajja,
who I had not recognised at first, until his name was mentioned. There were many other people, some, whose names I have since learnt from the papers. I saw many others that I knew, like Chuck Brian, who died.

People were asking about the situation of the boat since it was late. But alcohol was being served. People were taking different brands of expensive alcohol, like it was their last day. Anything you asked for, you were served by the bottle. Everything was free but Mukasa was not drinking I did not know who was financing  the party, but I was told it  was a
gentleman called Freeman.

Aboard the big boat, the music was loud and the boat was full to capacity. I had no seat and no life jacket.

I heard someone say: “We can leave all those who have not yet boarded. Tugende! Tubaleke!”

The small boat that had dropped us was going back with the life jackets. I called it back, asking for them, they only gave us three blue life jackets. One for me, one for Mukasa and another gentleman. I fastened mine immediately. Many people did not have life Jackets and those who did, did not fasten them. Mukasa did not fasten his, claiming to be feeling hot, that is when I told him: “Ogila okyawoza ebyo, olowooza elyaato bweliba ligwaayo likuwa time y’okusiba life jacket?” (Do you think when the boat is capsizing it gives you time to fasten your jacket?)

People were in a happy mood and many were already drunk. I found a seat in the middle of the boat, where I could observe everything. There was a gentleman taking care of me. I later found out he was called John Bosco  Nyanzi, he also passed away. At some point, my song was played, I started recording. I have a few videos showing the people who were on the
boat and the girls who died.

Girls I recognized so well, even from their bodies I could tell who they were. Later, I wanted to change position for a better view. In my new position, near Freeman, I kept on sliding down, yet I was not dancing. I realized the boat was bending
towards one side and the DJ kept on telling us, “balance the boat, please, balance the boat”, but people were not listening.

There were people on other boats passing by, who realized that we had a problem. They warned us. They even came
closer and asked for those who wanted to leave the boat. Some 15 people left, but others were too drunk to care. It was
a known fact that this boat was always faulty and was down for over a month before we used it.

They knew that it had no licence and that the keepers were unqualified. They even jumped off the boat minutes before the boat capsized when they noticed that they could not do anything and left us to die. I was not aware of all this, otherwise I would have panicked and died.

At one point, I shouted to the DJ, “tell them where exactly you want them to go to balance the boat”. I do not know if he heard me, but, even I, did not understand what  he meant or where he wanted us to stand. But before that, Mukasa had showed me that there was water flowing into the boat. At the time it would come in and flow out. This did not really scare
me because we did not know what was going on.

Actually, the boat was under repair as we were sailing. Lights were coming on and off. I did not realize that the engine had failed in the middle of the lake. I only got a little scared when a wave hit the boat and a speaker flew off, into the water.

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