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Saleh to Kadaga, I am silent, I survived poison, stop threatening me

The report has emerged that Uganda Speaker of parliament Kadaga Alitwala Rebecca has engage in bitter fight with Operations Wealth Creation boss and president half brother Salim Saleh.

Facebook page “Top Secrets Leaked” posted the statement below;

“As the speaker of Parliament I have made my conclusion with members of parliament that your construction company is known for doing very substandard works and embezzling state money on government construction projects, therefore however much you threaten me not to terminate your subcontracts worth 96 Billion part of construction of the new chamber of parliament, I vow not to give your fraud construction firm this money.”

Country is still suspicious as immediately after Kadaga terminating Salim Saleh’s mega construction contract, Salim Saleh threatened Kadaga with death to the extent that Kadaga under pressure attacks ran to the President for rescue and the President worsened matters by telling Kadaga that he was also tired of Salim Saleh’s mafialism in government business that is why he withdrew Saleh out of the army and government business and dumped him in operation wealth creation worth a trillion in budget to divert Saleh.

Salim Saleh told the President that this woman was just a mere civilian whom they groomed but had developed horns that she was stepping beyond her boundaries on many occasions where she blocks resolutions dictated to her by the Central Executive Committee to Parliament and that something had to be done.

The President told Kadaga there is nothing he can do about Saleh, and that Kadaga should just swallow it and give Saleh his subcontracts in the new chamber of parliament construction.

The next thing the country heard was that Kadaga was poisoned and rushed to Nairobi hospital.

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