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Security minister Elly Tumwine reveals what Muhangi told him days before his death


News of the sudden demise of the former Africa rally champion Charles Muhangi left several Ugandans in shock especially those who personally knew the Kampala Tycoon.

The postmortem report released by police indicates that, Muhangi who was lately involved in property wrangles with other city Tycoons Drake Lubega and Young died of heart attack.

In a message to mourners during his requiem mass, security minister General Elly Tumwine reveals that Muhangi had earlier approached him for fears about his life.

Tumwine added that, he did not know Muhangi until on December 4, when he was approached by the business man asking for security on fears for his life.

The deceased told the minister that he felt his life was under threat in relation to some wrangles he had been fighting. Tumwine said he had consented to allocate him Police officers, but he died before his security detail started duty.

The rally cars escorted the funeral van to the entrance of the chapel and thereafter, moved to the parking.

Tumwine revelations confirms fears by several Ugandans who suspects that the former Africa rally champion could have died as result of the recent property wrangles.

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