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Senior minister tipped Rwanda on how to handle Museveni

State minister for Foreign Affairs Hon Okello Oryem has on Friday informed neighbouring Rwanda that there is an “easy” mechanism through which Rwanda can use to settle its issues with Uganda.

The minister urged that, if Kigali had opted for that way, its grievances with Uganda would have already been settled.

Kigali, on February 28, closed it borders with Uganda sparking diplomatic standoff between the two countries. Kigali accuses Uganda of what it has described as “three outstanding issues”.

Rwanda, according to president Kagame accused Uganda of among other things to supporting individuals and groups including RNC of Kayumba Nyamwasa and “P5″─ groups focused on fighting the Rwandan government; arresting, torturing and deporting Rwandans as well as economic sabotage.

In response, Kigali blocked its nationals from going to Uganda. Business between the two sides has been paralysed, leaving several private sectors count huge losses.

Kagame on several occasions accused Uganda president Yoweri Kaguta Museni of being personally responsible as he was directly aware of Rwandan dissidents.

Kagame has openly said Museveni knows the dealings of Rwandan tycoon Tribert Rujugiro, whom they accuse of financing the Rwandan dissidents that they believe are commanded by Gen Kayumba Nyamwasa, a former army chief.

Despite Rwanda concerns, Uganda has in most cases remains silent and denied the accusations from Kigali. Minister Oryem has finally come out informing Kigali that the solution to their concerns lays elsewhere.

Rwanda’s concerns can be “easily addressed and dealt with” if it used “regional mechanisms”, Oryem advised in his interview with NTV Uganda television.

He also added that Rujugiro has informed President Museveni that he is “not in any way involved” with dissidents, and that he is “just a businessman”.

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