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Several soldiers dead as Al Shabab attack military base in Somalia

Al Shabab militia (AFP Photo)

Al-Shabab militant group have today Monday attached a military base in Southern Somalia killing dozens and injured hundreds according to local report from Somalia.

The military said the terrorist group attacked military base located at Bar-sanguni in Kismayo few kilometers from Kenya – Somalia border in what has been termed as the heaviest attack in recent months.

Vehicle loaded with Improvised Explosive Devices (IED) exploded at the check point armed militants attacked and over ran the base in the fighting that lasted for more than two hours.

The militants were later repelled after the AMISON forces at the base regrouped but several causalities were reported from both side in the surprised attack

Somalia army has confirmed the sad incident but said the exact number of the dead are not yet known though Al Shabab claimed to have killed 27 soldiers mainly from AMISOM security forces.

It is unclear whether Uganda People Defense Forces (UPDF) are among the dead. The attacked base was built by Americans to ease fight against the Al-Qaelda linked group.

Al Shabab are fighting to over throw western backed government led by president Mohamad Farmajo. The conflict has lasted since 1992 after the overthrow of former president Said Barry.

Several countries including Uganda, Kenya, Djibuti, Ethiopia, Burundi among others have contributed forces of about 22,000 strong army but Al Shabab has remains major threats controlling most parts of counry despite losing grounds in major towns

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