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South Sudan’s colluding forces Sign Power-sharing Agreement

South Sudan's colluding forces Sign Power-sharing AgreementThe conflicting rivals in south Sudan political atmosphere have signed a power-sharing treaty to end the long civil war in the country which has claimed tens of thousand of  lives in the young African republic.

The current president Salva Kiir and his former vice president Riek Machar reached this agreement while in the neighboring country Sudan.

According to the Sunday agreement Riek Machar is to return to south Sudan and make a unitary government with Salva Kiir.

The deal was witnessed by Uganda’s president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, Djibouti President, Kenya’s Uhuru Kenyatta and the hosting president Omar El Bashir. This deal seals the peace long desired in the country.

Salva Kiir is reported to have said after the signing of the treaty :

“The agreement we have signed today must map the road to end the conflict and war in our country,”

This deal paves way for creating a transitional government in three months and a final government that will be used to head the whole country for 36 months will be developed.

The rebel leader Riek Machar while addressing other dignitaries from the IGAD body said :

“I want IGAD to focus on the implementation of the deal because devil lies always in the implementation,”

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While in the conference the Kenyan Uhuru has hinted that the agreements and other meetings should continue in Sudan’s capital Khartoum instead of the prior  schedules of putting it in Nairobi.

The both conflicting parties had agreed in 2015 to share power and it was successful for over one year before intensive fighting commenced again.

According to the signed deal in Khartoum the transitional government is to comprise of 35 ministers in total where 9 ministers will be for Riek Machar and 20 for Salva Kir, the remaining will be taken by other rebel factions in the country.

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