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State house boss urged NRM diehards to join Bobi Wine before it is too late

Senior presidential advisor on media Joseph Tamale Mirundi was in a jubilant mood as he appeared on Captain Francis Babu’s 90.8fm Metro radio on Thursday evening. He said he was happy the Bobi Wine political menace he prophesied had come to pass.

“The man they despised to be a nobody has now grown to a level of making everybody threatened. It’s the reason even judges now fear to deny him bail because they know he is the next President. In fact the Americans now hate Museveni and other African strongmen because of working with China. Bobi Wine is the man they now want to become President,” Mirundi said adding he had resisted efforts by key people in government to hire him to use his radio talk shows to demonize Bobi Wine and obliterate his public support.

“I have refused because those boys who have been despising us as if we are meant to be wheel barrow pushers have to learn the hard lesson and Bobi Wine, whom they all despised, is going to sweep them off and you will see them running through Busega if they can’t lie low like an envelope,” Mirundi said. He added that “these boys wanted to form next government but Bobi Wine is clearly going to upstage their plans and they are all now clueless they don’t how to go about the situation. They tried to unleash Kusasira and Bebe Cool to counter him and they failed miserably.”


Praising Bobi Wine for being good at cadre identification, Mirundi reflected on the circumstances under which Benjamin Katana who used to be a PA to late Gen Aronda came to be an influential actor in Mr. Wine’s camp. Katana is politically very astute and was the guild president at KIU and also president of UNSA at some point. “Aronda had identified him and given him a good job in the Ministry of Internal Affairs but when he died, those boys demeaned him and ensured he was demoted to being a stamping officer at Entebbe Airport. It was extremely unfair to somebody so educated. He is now working with Bobi Wine and he knows the system inside and out which is why these boys won’t know what is hitting them,” Mirundi said adding that Bobi Wine is yet to unveil more painful defectors from the NRM camp. He praised judges for beginning to be lenient to Bobi Wine arguing “it’s time to flee from the sinking boat.” He likened the Museveni government to a sinking boat which all right-thinking officials should begin running away from. Praising the judge who risked and released Mr. Wine on bail, Mirundi urged other judicial officers to read about the “sinking boat theory” and begin jumping ship before it gets too late.

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