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Templar relatives, mourners blast government, Police

One by one, the caskets containing the bodies of the Bisases were led out of St Thomas Church of Uganda in Kira, Wakiso district. The one with the body of Templar Bisase in front and the one which carried the remains of his wife Sheila, a woman he had known for more than 20 years and had been his best friend, following.

Slightly behind the two caskets, walked the deceased couple’s three children. Jordan Bisase, who is the eldest at 12 years, leading. The little boy w as followed by the second born, Cedric Bisase, 11. Jordan Bisase, who is the last born, at 9 years, came last.

It was a gravely dull afternoon and a cloud of austerity and hopelessness hang across the entire church, as the three little
children proceeded after the coffins which contained what four days earlier were their father and mother: their heroes, providers and protectors.

The hundreds of family and friends who had gathered at the small church to pay their respects, could not hold back the emotions. Several were downcast, as though thinking of why both parents had to die at the same time, what would now happen to the three little helpless children, who would take care of them. It was sad.

Sheila and Templar drowned in Lake Victoria on Saturday night, along with more than 30 other revellers when their boat
capsized. The couple owned the ill-fated boat. After the tragic accident, Police blamed the disaster on the couple’s ‘negligence’ and said enforcement had been searching for that boat for months. Security also said the particular boat operated without a licence.

Angry mourners

Brian Mukisa, who spoke at the service on behalf of Bisase’s brothers, blasted enforcement and called marine licensers to

“own up for their part in the accident.”
He said the boat had navigated waters of Lake Victoria for more than 10 years. He said it operated every weekend, at times doing routes on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

“So, for the Government and the Police to say that they have been searching for the boat is utterly ridiculous. They are trying to hide their incompetence. The boat docks at Ggaba (landing site), at KK Beach, at K-Palm Beach. Was it a size of a needle they were searching for? Why are they saying this after people have died?” Mukisa asked.

Several other mourners also criticised the marine inspectorate and licensing department. Stallone Imaana Irabiizi, an employee of the Bisases, described his bosses as more than employers.

“The man was calm and reserved. The woman was more talkative, but they complemented each other. My boss loved his wife, and she, in turn, moved everywhere the man moved. She never left his side,” Irabiizi said.

He said Templar was good at swimming, but must have died trying to save others. Pretty Nassuna, a close friend of the deceased, said the Bisases loved each other.

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